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4/19/2014 Keith H. Soloed in the Cessna 172, N24547, today right here in San Marcos!
12/23/2013 Andrew N. passed his Private Pilot Checkride today in the Diamond DA-20 N141BB up in Brownwood!
11/19/2013 Matheus M. is now an Instrument Rated Pilot! Passed the checkride in N24547, a Cessna 172.
11/3/2013 Erik Landrum, our Chief Pilot, is now a certified Lancair Instructor Pilot, from the Lancair Owners & Builders Organization!
10/28/2013 Damon B. passed his Instrument Rating Checkride in the Cessna 172, N24547!
10/20/2013 Becky S. took the Cessna 172, N24547, up on her first solo flight in San Marcos
10/17/2013 Ted E. took the Cessna 172, N24547, around the patch in San Marcos for his first solo!
9/13/2013 Congratulations to Steve R.! Passed his Private Pilot Checkride in his own Cessna 172, N2795U!
9/11/2013 Addison H. went Solo in Diamond N141BB here in San Marcos!
8/22/2013 Congratulations to Ryan M.! Solo in the Diamond N141BB!

Welcome to Texas State Aviation Flight School!

We provide Part 61 flight training for San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, New Braunfels, South Austin, the entire hill country area and just about everywhere else.  Training from student pilot to IFR to multi-engine and complex training is available - don't forget about tail-draggers and upset/spin training!

Our regular office hours are from 09:00 in the morning to 6:00pm in the evening, 7 days a week.  If you need rental, services, etc. at other times, give us a call or drop in and chat.   We can usually work something out.   We do have after-hours procedures for rentals, as well.

Our aviation courses are also offered through the Austin Community College Continuing Education Business & Industry Institute (CEPFT).

ACC Course Catalog, 2012-2013
ACC Fall 2013 Online Class Schedule - click here
Class for the Fall Semester, 2013, are due to start Sept. 10th, 2013 - it's time to get registered for class!


Private Pilot Ground AIRX 3017 & Flight AIRX 3015
Instrument Rating Ground AIRX 3051 & Flight AIRX 4050
Commercial Pilot Ground AIRX 3037 & Flight AIRX 3039
and more!

Financial Aid - contact Pilot or try 'Sallie Mae' Career Student Financing.


News Update: 20 April 2014:

AOPA Fly-In Special Flight Rules for San Marcos!


Coming on 25th (Friday) through the 26th (Saturday) ....

Special Flight Rules will be observed through San Marcos on Friday and Saturday for the AOPA Fly-in! Getting in and getting out will be according to those rules. The AOPA folks will be setting up all day Friday, so the special flight rules go into effect at 06:00 (local) on the 25th.
If flying in and out on those days, remember to observe the special rules and anticipate an interesting time getting in or out.
We won't be doing any flight training on the 25th or 26th due to all the activity.

Check the details of the special flight rules at the AOPA Website.....
PDF of San Marcos Special Flight Rules.


Welcome to our newer fancier, website.   We're still working our way around the transition here, so please bear with us.

In related news, the 'Request Discovery Flight' section still has a glitch or three to work out.   Just call us at the office for Discovery/Introductory flights.